Youth Energy for Development – Lebanon

 Youth Energy for Development – Lebanon

Nov 22, 15
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YED Marathon

The “Youth Energy for Development” is a Lebanese non-profit organization established in August 4th, 2014 under the ministerial decree number 1496 and it’s dedicated to empowering the young generation of Lebanon.

“YED” association is leaded by a group of proficient “board members” and aided by a powerful “board of trustees”. Its committees will be in charge, each accordingly to its specific set of duties, and under the general supervision of its “Chairman”, in implementing the different programs. Thus, a competent staff will be guided for the execution of the various projects and activities in charge.

Although, the “Youth Energy for Development” stands on solid ground and possesses multiple strong points. Nevertheless, alike any recently formed organization, “YED” will be suffering from a shortage in funding and reputation. That’s why its main concern remains to prove itself as a trustworthy and active member in the framework of its mission.

For this reason, “YED” will be working on two main projects as a start. The first one entitled “JOSE-E”, which is a “Job Opportunity Searching Engine and Exhibition”. This project constitutes an annual Job Fair that will serve as a launching event to the association primarily. Another project will take place also: “The Youth Energy Talents Boutique”, meaning by that a workshop where the young generation is able to produce its artifacts in service of the cause.

Thus, we believe that the “Youth Energy for Development” has the required potentials for being not only a successful institution but rather to be the first in its class.

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