Our Mission


“Youth Energy for Development” Vision is      To Achieve a Powerful Youth Society

Accordingly, YED defines itself as:

A Lebanese Non-Profit Organization dedicated to empowering youth through Promoting Education, Advocacy and capacity building.

Our vision and mission are built upon YED’s commitment to certain core values. These values guide our programs, projects and our day-to-day activities of empowering the young generation of Lebanon. The set of core values are:

  • Collaboration

YED recognizes that empowering youth in Lebanon is a fight that should be taken by all of us and for all of us. Therefore, our network includes a wide coalition comprising civil society, both public and private sector, and legislators in order to build a strong and comprehensive coalition for our mission.

  • Persistence

In YED we trust that perseverance is the ultimate key to success. Determination is reflected not only in our will to achieving our mission. Yet, it is performed in our daily duties and day to day activities.

  • Diversity

We believe that YED should mirror the diversity of the Lebanese Community. Thus, we are committed to ensuring for our programs to be comprehensive and beneficial for all, and that our network is open and non-partisan, regardless of religion, gender, or political affiliation.

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